Monitors & Headphones: Products & Practice 

UK Edition published September 2011.
US Edition published May 2012.

UK/European edition priced at £3.99 (SOLD OUT)
US edition May 2012 (Digital Download only)

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This essential guide to buying and using studio monitors and headphones gathers in one place information on all the relevant products currently in the market. Introductory chapters, written by Sound On Sound’s Editor-In-Chief Paul White and Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns, also provide invaluable background information, such as choosing the right monitors for your studio, how to interpret manufacturers' specification data, optimising your monitoring environment, using monitor controllers, good monitoring practice, and working on headphones.

In addition to monitors and headphones, the guide also includes other essential monitoring accessory products such as monitor standsisolators etc. with information on each manufacturer to give background to the products. We've also partnered up with Alan Parsons to give buyers of the guide a free download of the half-hour monitoring video from his Art & Science of Sound Recording series.